Joel Galvin
Professional Life Coach

Member, Past Director,

Connecticut Chapter,

International Coach Federation



Coach Joel is a Certified Trainer of...

Oasis in the Overwhelm

60 Second Strategies for Relieving Stress and Taking More Control of Your Life

General Questions Regarding Coaching and Coach Joel

  1. Are all coaching sessions done by phone?
    Yes, Coach Joel's coaching sessions are all done by phone. The client is responsible for all phone charges.
  2. Does Coach Joel coach only Connecticut clients?
    Coach Joel works with people throughout the United States.
  3. How long has Coach Joel been coaching?
    Coach Joel has been coaching clients, for over 18 years.
    Is Coach Joel affiliated with any coaching organizations?
    Coach Joel is a member of the International Coach Federation and is a past member of the Board of Directors of the Connecticut Chapter of the ICF.
  4. How long should one expect to be in a coaching relationship?
    Everyone is different. Many coaching relationships last six to nine months while others last up to several years. The client may continue the coaching relation as long as he or she continues to get value.
  5. Are there any time commitments or contracts required?
    Coach Joel requires a minimum commitment of one month. There are no contractual agreements and commitments are renewed month to month.
  6. How can I know if a coach can be helpful to me?
    Coach Joel offers a free initial exploratory session to discover if he and the client believe a coaching relationship will be beneficial.
  7. How do I arrange for my free initial consultation?
    Email: coachjoel@causingpossibilities.com and request to set up a time to have a phone conversation which will work for you and the coach.
  8. How long is a coaching session and how often do the client and coach speak?
    A coaching session is typically 45 minutes. The Coach and the Client will schedule three conversations per month.
  9. Is the Coach available to the Client at times other than regularly scheduled sessions?
    The Client will have unlimited access to the Coach via e-mail during each month. In addition, if the client feels "stuck" and/or wants to share a "miracle or breakthrough", he or she call the Coach for a short period of time without any additional charge.